5 Tips To Be Even More Creative


Words by Alyssa Severin | Photograph by DTS

The act of noticing fuels creativity in a way not much else can. Sometimes it’s catching the playful glimpse between grandparents, still in love after 60 years of marriage. Sometimes it’s observing the way a head chef rhythmically yet noiselessly prepares the ingredients that will soon sustain a waiting diner. Or, sometimes it’s witnessing the loving parent fill the hundredth bucket of sand with their toddler. Inspiration strikes at the oddest of times in the unlikeliest of manners; choosing awareness in preparation for those times allows us to maintain arsenals of creativity that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Take the time to see, and discover how that manifests itself in your work.

1) Take Notes.

            Carry a small notebook in your pocket or bag that is dedicated specifically for observing. When a moment captures you, write it down. Don’t feel pressured to give every detail; simply jot down any quirks, sensory reminders, or quotes that you find significant, and soon you will have an abundance of memory markers for later access.

2) Find Your Time.

            Discover what time of day is best for your creative flow. Then, block out that period a few times a week for nothing other than creating. If 20 minutes is all you have, that’s okay; consistency is what’s key.

3) Choose Your Environment.

            Where we choose to create is incredibly important. If you need background noise and occasional distractions, consider spending time in your local coffee shop or outdoor marketplace. If you need silence and a clear space to think, make sure your work area is clean and reflective of the mindset you are hoping to achieve.

4) Attend a Local Event.

            If you live in or nearby a city that hosts events such as summer concerts, art nights, movie screenings, and so on, make it a point to attend one that peaks your interest. Aside from being fun, a community gathering can spark creativity not only through the event itself, but also from the people you may meet.

5) Try Something New.

            Maybe you’ve never tried yoga, or maybe there’s a ceramic class that sounds intriguing. Or maybe, it’s as simple as trying a different dish at the restaurant you frequent. Whatever it is, trying something new is often an easy way to gain traction in creativity. If reaching out alone seems too intimidating, grab a friend and go together; shared experiences can only fuel the creative fire.

Alyssa Severin is a writer living in greater Los Angeles, California pursuing what she has always loved: creativity and the written word. She is enamored by people's stories and how they are shared, and often find inspiration in the smallest of things—like a delicious cup of coffee on a lazy afternoon.