Creativity Found In Summer


by Erin Young & Photography by Jessica Scott

The smell of the salty air. The sweet taste of ice cream. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The feeling of the hot, hot sun beating down on your face. The sight of the brightest colors of the year. The senses of summer.

There is a reason it is so looked forward to. From the time we are kids in school to the time when we have two weeks of vacation time, we are conditioned to countdown to summer. There is something so special about this season that is unrivaled. The world works differently in summer. There is something different about the way life is lived in summer, it is slow and fast all at the same time. It is the way life should always be. Rarely is there such a large span of time perfect for dedicating to creating. Summer is full of inspiration, buzzing and blowing, all around us. It is the time of the year that is freedom personified. There is no better time to bring all of the ideas and projects that are floating around in our heads to life. It is the time for trying new things and living life to its fullest extent, how it is meant to be lived.

Every day, do. Every day, create. Every day be the freedom of summer.

If we lived our summer lives all year long, then nothing, yet everything at the same time, would get done. When we disregard the things at the top of our to-do lists and choose to do what our minds desire, we will do the things that are actually the most important. The things that revive souls, those winter souls we have yet to shake.

This summer, do. No longer think of where you could be, go there. No longer think of what you could say, say it. No longer think of what you could make, create it. Every day, do. Every day, create. Every day be the freedom of summer. Unlock the chains of the rest of the year and bask in the freedom of this season.

Venture into the unknown and be guided by the senses of summer. Venture into your life of doing and be guided by the creativity in your mind.

Summer is the perfect time for an empty schedule and the perfect time for a packed schedule all the same. Free your schedule of the things that are detrimental to your creativity, and fill it with all things that further your creative desires. Let the freedom of summer repair and overwork your right brain. Let the summer light shine through your work. Immerse yourself into your summer skin and create without ever looking back.

Erin Young is a student at Clemson University who loves words and all things French. Whether it’s a batch of cupcakes or a strand of paragraphs, she enjoys creating and wants whatever she creates to inspire people.