The SideProject

Story by Choe Brereton Photographs by Christian Gideon & Adrian Octavius Walker

When Jake Eshelman first started Side Project Skateboards (SPS), he had no idea it would do so well. In addition to all his other endeavors, SPS requires his time, his devotion and his passion—not that he would have it any other way.

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I think when it comes to being creative, you’re always going to be vulnerable—unbalanced. The biggest thing anyone can ever do in terms of getting there is to make peace with that vulnerability. It’s not enough to be comfortable with it—you need to seek it out.
Volume 03

Volume 03 is a collection of stories and creative interviews centering around the theme of "Balance". Perfect bound, printed on 70 lb opaque uncoated, recycled paper with a sturdy soft touch cover.

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Promotional Photography by Jennifer Trovato

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Packaged Set | Vol. 02, 03 & 04

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Three Volumes of Trouvé packaged together in white paper, tied with twine and a wax seal. Each magazine is printed on uncoated, recycled paper. Volume 04 explores the theme of "Processes" with interviews, studio and home tours, essays, and tips; Volume 02 is themed around "Creating With Intention", and Volume 03 explores "Balance".

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Promotional Photography by Jennifer Trovato

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