Creating With Intention

We all create for a reason. No matter the cause or event that sparks that interest or draws out that passion, there is purpose and intention behind both the process and the art itself. The fact enhances the quality and uniqueness of each expression, and gives cadence to an otherwise monotone voice. That is the theme we chose to build this Volume around: “Creating With Intention”.

As we got to know our features and contributors, attended photo shoots, and pored over thoughtful essays, this purpose, this intention came through every time. Whether it was the bold decision of a well-known chalk artist to put down the chalk and pursue new mediums, the painter who tells the story of her heritage through layers on the canvas, or that of the chef who creates meals to provoke conversation as well as taste buds—these are the stories that make our theme complete. 

In some cases we are able to get deeply personal; in others, it is clear that we barely scratch the surface. Leafing through these finished pages, we quickly realized it is not just lovely pictures, smiling poses, and fantastic artwork that has been shared with us, but a real and genuine piece of every interviewee, photographer, stylist, and writer—and for that we are truly grateful.

In the end, we have learned that there is great value in thought and purpose. In sometimes taking time to intentionally create something special and unique. As you begin to soak in the wisdom and inspiration found in these stories, I hope that you are encouraged to pursue the gifts that are unique to you; and that you not only find the creativity around you, but appreciate the message that it intentionally proclaims.

Amanda Marko

Editor & Publisher

Header Image of Post by Jennifer Trovato