We Gather Together: The Makers Summit

In the south’s newest up and coming city, Greenville, South Carolina something truly special is taking place.

Photographs by Paige French

Three friends had a vision, and founded a collective to serve the creative community that they loved. An organization dedicated to turning artists into entrepreneurs and creating a community to support them. They are the Makers Collective and we here at Trouvé have personally been enriched and inspired by attending their yearly summit.

The Makers Summit is designed for entrepreneurs who want to grow successful businesses. Over the course of two days, attendees confront both big picture and day-to-day challenges facing independent creatives. 

The best part about The Makers Summit is that it's not one size fits all—you can completely customize your learning to fit your business needs; from consultations with professionals in various fields like accounting, legal, branding and marketing, to hands-on workshops, to an evening of mingling over Crafts & Cocktails. You won’t want to miss any part of this fantastic event.

For more information on the Makers Summit and to grab tickets, visit their website at themakerscollective.org.