Wellness At Work

HumbleWorks is an industrial design collective, who love to design and produce beautiful well-considered products that actually improve the wellbeing. 
They create clean, elegant and portable products that enhance the physical wellbeing and can be used on an everyday basis in design practices, offices and homes

1.What sparked the idea for Humbleworks?

The idea came to us when we were developing Youmakeit, a startup dedicated to bringing bespoke products to life by connecting designers, makers and entrepreneurs. We worked on our startup out of coffee shops and co-working spaces, and found that hunching over our laptops and sitting down all day really affected our posture and overall well-being. 

For Youmakeit, we were searching for ways to demonstrate how ideas can be imagined into reality; being an industrial design collective ourselves, we decided to tackle the problem that was right in front of us first.

We started researching how to make working while standing up more comfortable and ways to improve your posture while sitting, created a laptop stand and fell in love with the design. That’s when we decided to launch HumbleWorks. 

2. Can you tell us more about how your products are made?

Our products are made locally within our network of designer/makers. They are made through CNC manufacturing using high quality Birch Plywood. 

3. How do your products promote physical well-being?

Our laptop stands reduce RSI (wrist strain injury) and encourage users to sit upright when working thereby promoting a healthier posture. Our standing desks encourage users to work standing up and to face their computer / laptop screens at a 90 deg angle. There are numerous benefits form standing while working that include reducing Upper and Lower cross syndrome and increasing blood flow and circulation. 

4. How do you think the physical health of a creative effects the outcome of their work?

Some of partners include Mindfulness and WellBeing specialists and we’ve discovered that standing helps to release mood enhancing chemicals and reduces tension. 

When you sit down while working, you are automatically in a more defensive position versus standing up which makes you more approachable and accessible and releases more mood enhancing chemicals. 

This is incredibly important in the creative industry as ideas flow far easier when your relaxed and less stressed. 

5. What is your most popular product and why?

Our original standing desk is the most popular in the Humbleworks collection. We feel the minimalist modern design with organic flowing lines in its hour glass shape and built in design features like portability make it stand far above its overpriced competitors. 

6. Plans for the future?

We are focussed on a few more iterations for the original standing desk and are listening very intently to our audience and their feedback for ways we can improve. 

We have a few new concepts currently being prototyped that we’re very excited about and are looking forward to feedback from our community

7. Where can our readers find Humbleworks?

We’re based in Shoreditch , London. 

We have a growing digital presence and we frequently offer free seminars on well being at our partner co-working spaces in London. 

You can find us on HumbleWorks.uk