The Issue of Balance


One of the best parts of creating an independent publication is often the most challenging—choosing a theme that will resonate and inspire and resonate with readers, without being another reading of while not being another “Oh, my life will never be or look like this,”, or “Someday I will have it all together like this person.” sort of read. 

Choosing a theme, just like so many things in life and in the creative process, is all about…well, balance—wait, I think we have a theme. 

The last six months have been all about defining this concept as it pertains to the creative lifestyle; answering the tough questions on a subject that we’re honestly just sometimes too overwhelmed with our to-do lists to consider. What does it mean to live a “balanced” life, is it attainable with work and life, is it important? Do some people really feel like they have achieved it—and are they a bunch of fibbers? 

As with each volume of Trouvé, the learning comes with the process. With each feature and interview that rolled in, we were reminded that life—real life— is full of ups and downs; that sometimes the beauty can only be found in the black, and the full and rich parts of life are not necessarily part of in our work or accomplishments we make.  

I have been personally challenged to put down my phone a little bit more, to find solace and creative renewal in solitude, to remind myself that a truly balanced life is a happy and full one—void of anxiety from trying to overachieve or to “be like that person who has it all together.” 

The creative life is a balancing act, and sometimes an overwhelming one; but the individuals and stories in these pages have offered a much-needed respite from what has been coined as the “hustle” with their candidness, insight, and encouragement. 

Instead of thinking of balance as yet another thing maybe goal to strive for, which inevitably will add it to your much-too-long to-do lists, I hope that through Volume 03 you are encouraged to view balance as another part of the creative process; finding joy and inspiration along the way, and never forgetting the real purpose for living a creative life—to enjoy and be present in each moment of doing what you love.


Amanda Marko / Designer & Publisher

Volume 03

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