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Photography, Styling & Recipe by Christiann Koepke

Christiann Koepke is a Portland-based photographer, stylist, recipe developer and author of the popular blog, where she showcases her immense love for the art behind crafting incredible food. We were thrilled to get a glimpse into her creative kitchen as she shares how to make her prosciutto wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese in cumin honey.

Alongside the curation of developing and recipes and styling, she interviews fellow creatives and local shops to open up the creative culture behind people’s passion and individual craft. Additionally, she writes for fellow food bloggers, providing insight into techniques learned along the way of her journey as a food photographer and stylist. On top of all this, Christiann also holds a full-time job at a global licensing company! We don't know how she does it, but are grateful for this peek into her life and work in the kitchen.


Recipe and one-on-one with Christiann after the jump. All photography by Christiann.

Your favorite workday menu?

I must admit, I snack ALL day. Just ask my co workers at the office! I constantly have an array of healthy snacks at my desk, hoping to not be too utterly distracted by the goodness I’m enjoying from the fruits of my labor in the kitchen over the weekend.

I start my day with coffee, always! Then for breakfast I snack on some seeds and nuts, enjoying some homemade nut milk with a banana and granola mid morning. Lunch usually consists of a soup or salad, and the afternoon brings me fresh fruit.

Dinner is ideally a fully prepared warm dish if I can find the time. Lately I’ve been perfecting breakfast for dinner, like browned butter radishes with sea salt, a couple of fried eggs, cranberry and apple sausage and… a glass of wine? Basically whatever suits my fancy after a long day at the office.


Favorite ingredients to work with and why.

Now this is a very tough question to answer, mainly because this is always changing with the seasons. I love that though- the fact that every few weeks there’s something fresh and new at my local market. The possibilities are always endless!

Currently I’m working with all sorts of root vegetables and playing with new ideas. Just this weekend I developed a raw shaved salad recipe that was inspired by a recent weekend away in Seattle. It consists of carrots, beets, radishes, jicama, mint, cashews, walnut oil and lime (recipe coming soon!). Oh my word, it is breathtaking and insanely delicious and to say the least, satisfying. Recipes like this are such a great way to liven up those winter root vegetables.

Go-to work snack?

Usually a seed & nut mixture, like a granola type trail mix. Fresh fruit is great too as it keeps me feeling lively and of course healthy.

Why does food and cooking in particular inspire you?

Where to begin.…I’m a highly creative individual, someone who sees potential out of nothing, pulling inspiration from every area in my day to day life. Cooking captivates all the senses and rightfully so.

I’ve found that cooking is a way to exercise several of my gifts, and by intentionally running after my dream of being a full time food blogger, I’ve never been happier in my life.

The beautiful thing about creativity is that it leads to more creativity. That’s exactly what I’m finding through cooking. Pair that with my love for photography and design, and you have a magical combination.

The beautiful thing about creativity is that it leads to more creativity. That’s exactly what I’m finding through cooking.

Kitchen/Cooking background music?

Music that moves my soul and pulls me into a new realm of possibility and creativity is always the goal. If it invades my sense of peace, well, let’s just say I have the skip button ready at an arms length.

My goal is to listen to something relaxing like classical or jazz. It can’t be so busy that it demands the attention in the room; rather, I’m always looking for music that draws me into the experience of what I’m creating. 

Recipe : Prosciutto Wrapped Dates Stuffed With Goat Cheese In Cumin Honey

Ingredients | SERVES 3 AS AN APPETIZER (2 PER)

6 Medjool dates, organic, pitted

¼ cup goat cheese

3 large slices of high-quality prosciutto

¼ c. good honey

¼ t. cumin 

¼ t. curry powder



For the honey mixture, in small bowl, warm honey. Stir in spices and set aside. Carefully pull open pitted dates, ensuring they don’t open and detach from the half. Stuff the dates carefully with goat cheese, approximately 2 teaspoons per date depending on the size.


Wrap with prosciutto by cutting a 1-2 inch thick strip and wrapping 3-4 times around the date.

Place stuffed dates on a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. Drizzle a light amount of honey mixture over the dates. Place sheet in oven and bake at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until prosciutto is lightly browned and dates are sizzling. Don’t over cook or you’ll burn the honey. Place on serving dish and drizzle with honey to finish. Serve immediately.

Thank you Christiann for interviewing with us and for this delectable recipe.

More about Christiann and recipes to create at Visit her instagram feed for daily inspiration. Apparel by Hovden Formal Farm Wear.