Volume 04: The Process Issue

Our lives are filled with tasks—some that are brightly bursting with color and excitement, and some that are dimly lit by duty or necessity. Some are inspiring, while some are mundane, some easy and others (seemingly) impossible. We are busier than ever, and producing more work, tweets, posts, and pieces than generations before. Ray Bradbury said it best when he described us as “cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.”

It is impossible to celebrate the value of the creative lifestyle without first considering the many processes that forge not just our art or finest moments, but our character, our family, our community—our lives. 

In this issue, we set out to study the process—the creative actions and routines that fill and enrich our days and inspire our work and those around us. We visit with painters, chefs, printmakers, and potters; from loft-like studios, to at-home headquarters, to homes juggling business and customers while picking up cookie crumbs and crayons.We learned that the creative process is not merely a series of steps or a rigid handbook to bring forth a desired result, but that it is different for everyone; and even the most ridiculous parts of our lives are an integral part of that process—because oftentimes the hardships of life ignite the passion and inspiration to create the most beautiful and meaningful work.

I applaud our interviewees, our writers, and photographers who so wonderfully demonstrated and shared with us their creative processes. I hope that you are truly inspired and challenged to take a second look at the many processes in your own life that together help “let the beautiful stuff out.”


Amanda Marko, Editor & Designer of Trouvé

Volume 04: The Process Issue. Purchase a copy here.