Seven Things To Try For Spring

Spring brings with it a freshness that makes me want to air out my apartment, clean out my closet, and try something new. Won't you join me?

Seven things to try for spring:

1. Give yourself a fresh bouquet 

Fresh flowers give life to even the darkest of corners.

2. Start using fancy shampoo and conditioner

Walk into the best high-end salon in town; ask about their three best shampoo and conditioners. Buy the least expensive set.

3. At your next brunch, offer a toast bar

Highlight the beauty (and yumminess) of spreads and butters. Consider making port and pear butter, lemon curd, almond-honey butter, raspberry jalapeno jelly, brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese, etc. Rest assured no one will balk if you offer ordinary peanut butter and grape jelly. And if you bake a killer bread, more power to you. I'll be serving Wonderbread.

4. Wear silk shirts around the house

You can find a basic long-sleeve silk top for under $5 at many thrift stores. Cut out the shoulder pads, delicately wash with Woolite, and hang to dry. Your skin will know luxury, and the silk naturally repels dog hair. Suddenly a silk slip cover for my couch seems like a good idea...

5. Switch up your furniture placement

Move your bedroom chair to the entryway. Move the plant in the guest room to the hallway. Shake it up. Put a table lamp in the kitchen.

6. Plan a trip to Barcelona

It's good to plan. Just in case.

7. Buy a Chad & Jeremy album

Or at least create a Pandora station for their music.


8. Don something delicate

Lace. A gold chain. Vintage combs.