In The Studio With Kaitlin Gray


Interview by Amanda Marko

A peek into the life and work of Kansas City-based artist Kaitlin Gray, where we learn that the best work comes from loving what you do, and creating simply for the joy that artistic moments bring.


The cheerfully muted color tones and relaxed, yet purposefully placed brushstrokes in Kaitlin Gray's work mirrors the pleasant disposition and warmth her own personality exudes when you meet her.

Kaitlin began painting for herself, (which we have found almost always produces the most genuine, authentic artwork.) After achieving a degree in Occupational Therapy, Kaitlin became a mother of three young children. Juggling countless responsibilities, busy schedules, playdates, and more are a common and fulfilling part of her life. Kaitlin's own mother is a natural artist and from a young age, she nurtured Kaitlin's interest in art with painting lessons from a close, and talented family friend. Fast-forward to just a few years ago, when Kaitlin's own children were no longer infants, and Kaitlin began to paint once again. Her studio started as—and certainly still is—her place to be still; to truly savor her artistic moments, reminding us of the joy and relaxation that comes from creating—for just the sake of creating.

Upon viewing Kaitlin's work, it's mind-boggling that she hasn't trained for years or even attended school to study art, but perhaps that's part of the key to what makes each of her pieces so fantastic. Her style is distinct, developed...and completely her own.

When asked what creativity means to her, Kaitlin's answer is simple, but powerful..."It's a way for me to express myself...maybe something that I'm not able to put into words, I can put onto a canvas and still communicate what I'm feeling."

Creativity is a way for me to express myself...maybe something that I’m not able to put into words, I can put onto a canvas and still communicate what I’m feeling.

From the children's artwork that decorates her space, to the baby changing station that has lovingly been repurposed to hold her supply of paints and brushes, it's clear to see that Kaitlin's heart is full. It is this heart that shines through in her work, making each painting a true, authentic piece of herself. What a pleasure to tour her studio.

For more information on Kaitlin or to request a commission, visit her website here and follow her on instagram here.
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