Jenna Rainey of Monvoir

Photography by Megan Anderson

We were thrilled when the talented and California-cool Jenna Rainey agreed to take us on a tour of her home studio through the lens of photographer Megan Anderson. Jenna is the artist behind the beautiful illustrations and calligraphy of Monvoir. Her work is bright, whimsical, and polished and her workspace reflects the same aesthetic.

Tell us more about what you do and are working on now.

My name is Jenna Rainey and I am an illustrator and calligrapher. I design everything from paper goods for weddings and events to logos and tattoo designs or whatever falls in between. I’m currently knee deep in wedding season creating invitations and the like and also preparing for my upcoming calligraphy workshops.


How would you describe your workspace style?

My workspace style is simple. I’ve always been inspired by a blank canvas and the natural light mixed with neutral, white tones. My studio is a place where I can stay inspired and constantly be reminded of who I am as a brand, having pieces of mine hung on a gallery wall.


Where do you draw your design inspiration from?

Definitely all things Scandinavian – I love white! I feel like it’s refreshing and will always leave room for inspiration.


What is your favorite part of your workspace?

My drafting table from IKEA – that thing can handle anything. I’ve spilt ink, paint, you name it and it’s still squeaky clean.


What is the most important area of your workspace?

My drafting table for sure. It’s where I brainstorm, it’s where I create, it’s where I do what I love.


What is your favorite decor item in your space?

Eloise the deer head. My mom bought her for me this past Christmas and I love her with all my heart.


Describe your typical day in your space.

I normally wake up between 7:30/8:30 and before I do anything else I eat breakfast. I really can’t do much of anything if I’m hungry, and I wake up STARVING. Once I’ve made my coffee, had my breakfast and got ready for the day, I read and answer emails and browse on Pinterest for brainstorming and inspiration. After that, I spend countless hours drawing, painting, etc. Recently I’ve been better about taking breaks to take some time for meals, instead of bringing them to my desk to multi-task, but I just get so wrapped up in what I’m doing I lose track of time.  Time management is not my strong suit. That’s definitely been my biggest challenge throughout this journey. But I really can’t complain. I am so incredibly blessed and thankful for the freedom I have to create.