Trouvé Attends: Field + Foundry

Photography by Reema Desai

Field + Foundry is a brand new event just launched in the greater Washington DC area with a goal to bring creative minds to the table for local food and discussions. The brainchild of Laicie Heeley and Melissa Hope, the event was hosted and made possible by Bing, with a slew of other wonderful sponsors such Artifact Uprising, West Elm, and a from us, a copy of Volume 01 in each Bing bag.

We were delighted to receive not only an invitation to attend the very first Field + Foundry event, but were also asked to lead in the discussion on creativity for the evening. The evening began with drinks, cheeses & pickled delights (some recipes here), introductions and wonderful re-acquainting, and a great how-to session on making a sourdough starter. See the full step-by-step over on West Elm's blog here. As the evening progressed, our editor, Amanda Marko spoke about Trouvé's creation over delicious orecchiette, broccoli (from the farm) with pancetta, and homemade sourdough with fresh ricotta and olive oil. 

The evening satisfied our physical hunger, and sparked our creative hunger for fellowship with likeminded friends. Many thanks to everyone that made this evening a night so many will remember. 

Photo by  Melissa Hope

Photo by Melissa Hope

Photo by  Melissa Hope

Photo by Melissa Hope

A few more recaps of the evening from attendees CarleneMorganSyndey, and Christine


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