Caroline Pittman: Paint & Passion

Using her art as the ultimate form of expression and her personal refuge, Carrie Pittman creates unique and timeless pieces that play with color, texture, and light. We catch up with her and learn more about why she “loves the fact that art has no rights or wrongs, do's or dont's."

Can you tell us more about your work, company and what you do? 

I started painting about two years ago and have recently gone full time working for myself and creating daily out of my studio. I create abstract, contemporary artwork in a variety of mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, and paper mache/mixed media.  

What is it about painting in particular that fascinates you? 

There is no end, no limits to what you can do and create. I am only limited by my own mind and imagination. There's so much power and confidence in that!  

What does your typical day look like? 

Get up, read devotions, coffee, workout, and then paint; create, market, consult for art, and order supplies. I do whatever needs to be done to advance my business that day. I usually do my best work late at night and at the last minute...ah.

There is no end, no limits to what you can do and create. I am only limited by my own mind and imagination. There’s so much power and confidence in that!

What inspires your work as a creative? 

Expressing myself mainly—putting whatever I am feeling onto a canvas; making sure it is transferred accurately from what I am feeling/expressing. Trusting myself to be confident and bold in color and shape on canvas to share with others 


How do you come up with ideas and designs for your paintings? 

Usually I create as I go—I don’t like to "plan" a painting. I work with a lot of color, texture, water and light to achieve the look that I want. I have found that other artists may inspire you, but you have to find your own style and be authentic...or it just won't work. 

Outside of your work, what sparks your creativity? 

Exercise, fashion, nature, music, and emotions.

Did you grow up in a creative household? 

Yes. My mom is a very creative person. She was always teaching us to make things, and more importantly, found a use for everything—nothing was wasted. She sees the beauty in everything and celebrates creativity in all forms. My dad is a business man, but very creative in problem solving and in his thinking. I am blessed to have grown up with both parents with different creative abilities.  

What are you currently listening to? 

Everything. Mainly when I paint though, it has to be calming or deep. I like a lot of moving, inspirational, worship when I am painting. I get distracted easily if I try to throw on anything I'd listen to in my car.

How do you find balance iN your life/work/combination of both? 

It's tricky. If I am not spiritually centered, I cannot really do anything, or at least anything significant. I have to get myself grounded and at peace. My morning reading and exercise really set the tone for me to be calm and free to create confidentially. I've learned you cannot force yourself to "be there" if you aren't. That can be frustrating for a creative when you are working under deadlines, but it is important.

I’ve learned you cannot force yourself to “be there” if you aren’t. That can be frustrating for a creative when you are working under deadlines, but it is important.

Any advice for readers wanting to start their own creative business? 

Believe in yourself. You are your biggest advocate, biggest fan, biggest cheerleader. You can't take people's taste personally. Not everyone will get you, like you, accept you, or buy what you sell. Focus on being true to yourself and everything else will follow.  

What is your intention when you create? 

To bring beauty and a real element to the space "this" piece lands. I believe in being real and in the moment; and people tell me that comes out a lot in my art. I want the buyer to appreciate and feel whatever emotion was there. I want my pieces to be unique and add value to the space they are in.  

Future plans? 

Keep going. I want to grow as much as I can as a person and artist. I pray this also expands in growing my business and reaching people all over the world with my art. 

For more about Carrie, visit her website here and follow her creative process on instagram.