Britt Bass Turner: Fine Artist

Photography by Paige French

Fine artist, Britt Bass Turner, has created an iconic collection of abstract acrylic paintings that share her expressive outlook and warm personality. Focusing on pattern, movement, and color, her paintings are poetic and vibrant. Britt and her husband live in Athens, Georgia where she paints and creates in her home studio. We had the honor of talking with Britt about her artistic process, inspiration, and vision.


Tell us more about yourself and what are you working on right now.

Well, I’m 24 and half, newly married to my best friend  of 12 years, and settling into our life here in Athens, GA. This past August marked my first year painting full time and it has been FULL of many challenges, learning experiences, and blessings! I’m currently working on pieces for a couple upcoming holiday shows as well as a few commissions.

What led you to become a full-time artist? 

Hmm. I think once I decided to study art in school I knew that I wanted to eventually turn that into a full-time career. A year out of school while painting on the side and working several side jobs I was determined to give it all of my time and energy. I just thought that if I really focused on it I could make more money doing what I ultimately wanted to do- I took the leap and it’s been great. I have never looked back.


Did you grow up in a creative household?  

Yes, my mom is an interior designer; I was always surrounded by color and texture and crafting during my childhood. I took art classes throughout high school but it was really the summer after I graduated when I painted my first abstract piece with my family friend, and fellow super-talented artist, Andrea Costa that I felt the urge to study art in college. I think it was easier for me to decide that I wanted to be an artist and not fear this dream because I had women like my mom and several of her friends that had made successful careers using their creativity and doing what they loved.

Have you had any creative mentors? 

I had two critical professors in college, Erin McIntosh and Chris Hocking. They were both so encouraging and inspiring and really helped me make a turning point in my work setting me on the path that I’m on today. I need more of them in my life now for sure!

What does your typical day look like?

Every day is really different, I’m actually trying to overhaul my bad habits and try to structure out my work schedule more efficiently. Inevitably I will spend a few hours every day on the computer editing images, updating my website, emailing clients, invoicing, ordering supplies, shipping orders, etc. The rest of the day I turn on some music and paint away!


What activities, outside of painting and artwork, inspire your creativity?  

Going on walks, immersing myself in community, flipping through magazines and books like Anthology, Kinfolk, Art Forum, New American Paintings, artist’s books, etc.

What are you listening to right now? 

Ella Fitzgerald Holiday Radio!

What do you consider your greatest strength? weakness? 

Hmm my greatest strength may be my ability to observe and empathize. My greatest weakness is saying yes when I need to say no, and thinking all activities only take “15 minutes”.

Do you have any advice for artists just starting out? 

GO FOR IT! Why not, what’s the worst that can happen? I don’t think failing is that big of a deal, especially when we are young and hungry I think dreams are extremely valid and need to be pursued.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years. 

At a gathering on a big front porch with my husband and our faithful friends and family and all the kids and dogs running around the yard.