An Honest Trade: A Photo-Documentary Journey

"An Honest Trade" is a ground-breaking new project by Australian photographer Marnie Hawson. Searching the continent for makers working in a timeless and historic trade, Marnie is photo-documenting twenty of them—with only twenty photographs each. Trouvé will be featuring part of this series in print Volume 03, and highlighting the rest of the makers here on the online journal.

More about the project from Marnie:

"The project came about from my interest in small business, especially those that are building or making something with their hands and moving back to the way things used to be done. The people and businesses I choose to feature don't all necessarily make things by hand, but the common thread is that they are all what I consider 'honest trades' - involving manual labour and hard work. To me, there is far more value in something that has had love and sweat poured into the production of it - it's not all about cheap prices and fast turnarounds in a country offshore somewhere. I am also intrigued by people's workspaces, and what they surround themselves with in order to inspire themselves everyday. This project gives me the opportunity to meet some amazing people, highlight their skills and talent to the world, and also hone my skills in my love of photography. I hope you enjoy!"

-Marnie x