Behind The Scenes At Trouvé


We were honored to be included in a great podcast series for creative adventurers by Roam + Golightly. Our founder and editor Amanda Marko talks about startups, the value of doing what you love, and the road to creating a print magazine.

From Roam + Golightly

In this episode of Roam + Golightly: A Podcast For Creative Adventurers, I sit down with Amanda Marko, the creator, editor-in-chief and publisher of Trouve Magazine. If you haven't heard about Trouve, you need to check out their beautiful bi-annual issues all focused around celebrating the creative lifestyle. This is honestly one of the best conversations I've had about inspiration, the creative lifestyle and how travel can be a muse for artists.

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*Update to interview | June 2016: Amanda now works with a group of interns locally in Kansas City along with a few remote positions who are key in producing Trouvé online and in print.