Here is a roundup of a few frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us as well.


Do you offer subscriptions? We do not currently offer a traditional subscription service, but discount our volumes when purchased together. Our subscribe button on our website puts you on our email list. We send emails very sparingly and tastefully.

Can I contribute to Trouvé? Absolutely! Contributors make Trouvé possible. Learn more about contributing and submissions here.

Is there certain content you do not accept? As beautiful as they are, we do not print or publish stylized "gatherings" or staged events that do not relate or tie back to an individual or group.


How do you choose who to feature?  We want to stay true to our focus and meaning of Trouvé, which is "to find" creative people, ideas, places, and projects. It is through both our friends and our readers that we find and learn about our features. This is how we have grown our network and how we wish to continue. We are interested in people from all creative disciplines and locations. Whether it's graphic design, fine art, gardening, cooking or pottery, we want to know about it! Recommend a story, person, or feature here and tag us on social media with the hashtag #creativityfound.

Who is behind Trouvé? Trouvé is made possible through talented contributors and loving readers. The magazine and online presence is edited, designed, and published by a creative bunch led by Trouvé's founder/graphic designer Amanda Marko. Learn more about the team or connect with Amanda via email or socially on twitter & instagram.

*photo by Jennifer Trovato